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Though OMNICYCLES astrology software can be used by anyone to create all the different sorts of OMNIGRAPH, it also has a number of features that will only be of interest to astrologers. We have added such features to facilitate our own efforts to discover new techniques that may add to the reliability of the graphs, and have decided to share them with others, so that astrologers everywhere can use the program for their astrological research.  (Most of these features are available in the free demo version.)  In this section, you can read about the more technical features of OMNICYCLES...


 Astrological features   
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Converts aspects between transits and natal factors into points, using a system which is both
     astrologically very sophisticated as well as flexible, and then plots the graph:  following the
     tendencies of  the harmonious or tense aspects is easier than ever! 

 Do graphs for single planets, or for any combination. Use any or all of the following factors...

Use as many aspects as you desire, and distinguish between their waxing and waning phases

Includes transits to - and even transits of - the angles and house cusps...

View the list of transits, including exact distance, orb, etc.,  for each point on the graph  

Prepare "multiple" astrology graphs by combining several different graphs into one

Precisely calculated Natal charts may be viewed on-screen, or printed out.

Planetary positions - in charts as well as graphs - may be expressed in zodiacal longitude, or Right

 And, for those interested in research, or who simply want to experiment a bit...              

Both astrology graphs and natal charts may be calculated using LMT (local mean time), so that you
    will easily be able to do graphs for historical personages and events in the distant past.

Modify the aspect files, or create new ones according to your own criteria 

Built-in research module lets you test your aspect files using all the important dates in your past

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