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Excellent technical support... and a vow to kill all "bugs"!


We pride ourselves on our technical support, and will respond to any questions you may have as soon as we possibly can. We use e-mail to respond to all questions concerning technical support.  If we are not able to solve your problems by e-mail, we will gladly give you our phone number so that you may give us a call.  Inquiries about technical support, as well as any other issue, may be made in English, Spanish, German or Japanese.

Our e-mail address for technical support:                                            

     Our "bug" policy... 

  Few things are as annoying as discovering a "bug"  in a program... And itīs even worse when you report the error to the manufacturer, only to wait for months before a corrected update is finally available. That's why you'll be glad to hear that eliminating "bugs"  is one of our highest priorities.  We have given a lot of attention to perfecting
OMNICYCLES, yet as everyone knows, the "perfect" program has yet to be created: practically all of them contain some errors, no matter how small these may be. 

  David and Juanma


When a customer reports an error in
OMNICYCLES, we immediately get to work to correct it, and as a courtesy to the person who reported it, will then send him or her, by e-mail, the corrected version at once, and will also make it available (free of charge) to other customers. We are usually able to fix any errors in a day or two, but no matter how long it takes, we won't rest until the "bug" has been exterminated! After all, we don't just sell OMNICYCLES - we use it ourselves  for our astrological work, and thus are all the more interested in having a program which is as close to "perfect" as can be.


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