..defining the future of predictive astrology.
      Main Features    

Following the astrological tendencies of your future, for all the important areas of your life,  is now easier
     than ever!
  Converts aspects between transits and natal factors into points, using a system which is both
     astrologically very sophisticated as well as flexible, and then plots the graph:  you don't have to
     anything about astrology to use

Choose from among many different life "themes" to prepare your graphs - and for many different time
    periods as well. Love, Work, Finances, Travel, Major life changes, and

Print out your graphs, or view them on screen - even several at a time, for easy comparison!

View graphs in points, or in percentage of deviation from the life-time "mean": perfect for 
     judging the relative importance of the influences in effect during any time period. 

Special on-screen bar graphs show momentary planetary influences... and more!

Contains expandable world city and time-zone data base with over 25,000 places.  More...

Updates - we are adding new features every few months.  More...

 Great technical support... and we exterminate "bugs" immediately!   More...

Click HERE to download Omnicycles 4.0 (donation-ware) OMNICYCLES       


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