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The Omnigraphs for the Weeks:
Jan 30 -Feb 6, 2011;   Feb 6 - Feb 13, 2011;;  Feb 20 - Feb 27, 2011
Feb 27 - Mar 6, 2011;  Mar 6- Mar 13, 2011

What you see below is a graph which reflects the combined astrological influences for this week. Each vertical line represents 12 midnight for New York City, (or 6 am, Central European time). This is a so-called mundane graph, which means that it represents the aspects between the planets in the heavens for this week (with no reference to an individual's birth chart). Thus, though it is not the right sort of graph to use for an individual (click on one of the two "personal graph" samples on the main page to view graphs done for individuals), it can be used to determine when the planetary constellations are most - or least - favorable in general.  

Jan 30 through Feb 6, 2011

Here's the Omnigraph for Feb 6 through Feb 13, 2011


Feb 13  through Feb 20, 2011:


Feb 20 through Feb 27, 2011...

  Feb 27 through Mar 6, 2011...


Note that though the graph was calculated beginning at midnight in NYC, it can be used for any place in the world, if you take the time differences into account. For example, the vertical line for the 18th represents midnight in New York, 9 PM on the 17th in California (i.e., 3 hours earlier than NY), 6 AM on the 18th in Central Europe, etc. Of course, when you have the OMNICYCLES program, you will be able to use any city you wish as a basis for doing your graphs.

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