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 Juan Manuel M. Puertas.
 Astrologer with 20 years experience in counselling; one of Spain's foremost programmers of astrological software. Co-creator of the well-known program "Regulus", which offers both text interpretations as well as many different techniques for the professional. Programmer and co-designer of  OMNICYCLES. Juanma also has many years experience teaching not only astrology, but also meditation, and a number of other esoteric subjects.
Juanma has been a guest speaker at many astrological conferences throughout the years, such as those organized by the University of Granada, School of Medicine, the 7th World Conference on Natural Medicine, and the Iberian Astrological Conference.




Juanma and David Bolton



 David Bolton.
Astrologer,  concert  harpsichordist, and language teacher. Born in Baltimore, Maryland. Discovered the world of astrology in 1977, while living in Kassel, Germany, and spent years counselling and teaching the subject in that country. During the past fifteen years, his main interest has been in the investigation and development of  astrological techniques, with special emphasis on the search for more reliable methods of prediction. Co-creator of the "Regulus" program. Researcher for the OMNICYCLES system, and co-designer of the program.      



Maki Kiyama

MAKI - After studying art and literature in Tokyo, she moved to Madrid, Spain in 1995, where she studied cabinet-making. Maki now teaches Japanese language in Granada, Spain, and is also a business intermediary between Japanese and foreign companies. Co-designer of the OMNICYCLES web site, Maki will soon begin to work on a Japanese translation of the OMNICYCLES program and site.




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