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How OMNICYCLES works...
You don't have to be a professional astrologer to take advantage of the predictive power of
OMNICYCLES. As a matter of fact, you will be able to make graphs showing the "ups and downs" in many areas of your life, without having to know anything at all about astrology! This is one of the great things about the program: it utilizes sound, professional astrological technique to show the tendencies of your future, yet it  is so easy to use, that anyone can prepare their OMNIGRAPHS within minutes! There is a full manual included in the new Omnicycles 4.0, which you can download and use to create graphs. We have decided to make Omnicycles free for now; the sole limitation at the moment is that you can only produce graphs up to August, 2018 (though we may well extend that date when the time comes). Do consider making a donation, though: we do have our costs!
When you open OMNICYCLES, here's what you'll see:
  Now, if you're working with the demo, you'll have to introduce your birth data yourself (explained in the manual). When you purchase OMNICYCLES, however, this info will automatically appear in the box at the top left (in the example above, my own birth data appears there). The first thing you'll do is select a theme. When you click on one, an explanatory text appears in the white field. In this example, I've just clicked on "Finances":    
  The descriptive text tells you the purpose of the graph, and gives suggestions about how to use it. As you can see, you can choose from any of 18 different themes. After deciding on the theme you want, and clicking on it so that it is outlined in yellow (as is "Finances" in the picture to the right), you can now decide the time period for which to do a graph...

   Let's choose "one month".  Next, press "Continue"  
  The "Omnigraph" screen appears. Here, you decide WHEN the one-month period for the graph should begin. I've chosen August 1, 2004, at 12 midnight. (The "time period" and "interval" fields are filled out automatically. When you get the program, you will fill in the "Country/State" and "Place" fields, so that the graph will be done for your place of residence.)
After deciding on a starting date, click "Continue"...
  ..and you will be promted to enter a name for the graph file you are about to create...  
  We'll call it "David-Finances-Aug_04" (with the usual .tgr extension). Saving the graph file with a descriptive name will enable us to easily open the same graph again in subsequent sessions, without having to repeat all the calculations.  
After saving this graph name, OMNICYCLES will begin to calculate, after which the graph appears on-screen:
   Hmm... it doesn't look as though August will be so great as far as my finances are concerned: the red line definitely dominates. I'll be sure not to take any monetary risks around the 8th! A lot of activity around the 15th, and again around the 21st. Well, we're planning to take a trip to southern France during that time, so I guess it's obvious that money will be spent... at least the relatively high blue line suggests that not all expenditures will be painful!    
Basically, preparing your
OMNIGRAPHS is really that simple. After doing just a few, it will seem like child's play. Of course, the program has many other interesting features, all of which you can learn about when you download and install Omnicycles 4.0.

Want to know more about what goes into an
OMNIGRAPH?      Go to:  "Behind the Graphs: The Transits"


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