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     If you want to get a deeper understanding of the art of  astrology,  and finally begin to really comprehend the basic factors of the Natal Chart - signs, houses, planets and aspects - there is probably no better way to do so than to receive instruction from a master astrologer.

David Bolton has 25 years of experience teaching astrology to pupils in several different countries.  Unfortunately, it isn't always possible for students and teacher to meet personally for the classes, but today, there is a wonderful alternative: take your classes through the Internet!   Using tools such as "Microsoft Messenger" or Skype, it is possible to have live conversations with anyone in the world. 
All you have to do is set up an appointment, and then connect to Messenger to talk to David live, and receive your class.

   True, there are many books on astrology out there, including a few that are excellent, but very often, the learner just can't quite understand the "whys"... for example:

"Why does the 12th house mean reclusion, secretiveness, misfortune... and is this really the case?"

"Is Scorpio indeed a "dangerous" sign, and if so, why? and if not, why do so many people say it is?"

"Why are some aspects said to be better than others?"

"Second house, possessions, 8th house, death... okay, but why in the world are possessions the opposite of death?"

Of course, it is also helpful to have a teacher not only for gaining more profound insights into natal astrology, but also when choosing and using predictive techniques

"Why are some predictions right on the mark, whereas others fail miserably? Just what sorts of things can be reliably predicted using astrology?"

"Which predictive techniques are the most reliable? Returns, progressions, directions, transits... and how can they be combined for greatest effectiveness?"

Of course, you may already have a pretty good basis in astrology, and therefore only want an occasional class to help you see things a little more clearly. No problem: there is no obligation to take a minimum number of classes, you can have as many, or as few, as you desire. And if you read on to the end of this page, you will see that David's prices simply can't be beat!


A word from Dave...

Hi, I'm, David Bolton, and I'd like to tell you a little about my approach to astrology. When I myself was learning how to cast and interpret natal charts, I was living in a place where it was impossible to find good instruction, so I did it the hard way: I bought as many good books as I could find, all the best authors: Dane Rudhyar, Robert Hand, Charles Carter, Thomas Ring, and many more, both in English and German, and spent countless hours casting charts and practicing interpretation. Unfortunately, I frequently lost a LOT of time trying to figure out just what was meant by the author of one book or another, and the truth is,
it took me years to really figure out what astrology was "all about"....

   My conclusion is that it's something much more simple than commonly thought. For me, astrology is a sort of "energy game", just like life itself.  You, just like everyone else, have your "energy field", which is reflected in the planetary positions in your chart. Some parts of this field will be harmonious, others more conflictive; and depending on the planetary positions of the moment, you will experience what we commonly call "good" and "bad" times. " Understanding the energies involved, of course, is the key to becoming an astrologer.

   We must never lose sight of the fact that astrology represents what we might call the "soul" of astronomy: astronomical positions and events are physical reflections of astrological forces, and to fully understand the latter, we must contemplate the former. This does not mean that every astrologer must become an astronomer, of course. It does mean, however, that by meditating on some really basic astronomical happenings, we can not only achieve a more profound comprehension of astrology, but we will also be able to creatively comprehend what a chart is all about. This, in turn, enables the pupil to become an independent thinker in his/her own right: your dependency on books will diminish, and you will soon find that if you want to learn more about astrology, all you will have to do is sit down in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, meditate on the subject, and deeper insights will spring forth from that source which is the most fundamental and creative of all:  your own inner self".

   If you would like to have an appointment for a class, just drop me a line. Oh, and the price?  Only 18 Euros per full hour, payable through Paypal.  

   You can write me at dbolton99b@yahoo.es   If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write me, I'll be sure to respond as soon as I can.   I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!

                                                       Sincerely, David Bolton




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